World Cup 2014 Finals Predictions

The draw of the World Cup

As the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil draws near football fans all over the world are getting excited for what could possibly be the most thrilling and competitive World Cup yet. There is no shortage of talent and star power for the participating countries in this year’s iteration. Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina has Lionel Messi, and the United States might have Landon Donovan back on board. However football is not an individual sport and there’s going to be 10 other players that need to be accounted for in every game. In short, the team plays better together has the best chance of winning.


As the host country, Brazil faces the most pressure and the highest expectations to win World Cup 2014. The slew of young legs led by Neymar and Kaka are expected to replicate the success of the Ronaldo and Ronaldinho led teams that won the 1998 and 2002 World Cups. Will they be able to do it though? That’s a tough question to answer. A home court advantage doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to win it all. The last time the World Cup was in Brazil, the Brazilians fell to Uruguay in the final match. There was no winner for that year though due to the tournament format.


For the last couple of years people have been writing off Spain as a possible contender but that should not be the case. They come into the tournament with a majority of their lineup unchanged. La Roja will still rely on their defense and tiki-taka to overwhelm opponents. Fans can expect Iker Casillas to step up his game for his country despite his recent dismal showing for his La Liga club, Real Madrid. The offense should again be headed by midfielders David Silva and Cesc Fabregas along with forward Fernando Torres. Another thing to remember is that Spain recently accomplished a rare treble when they won the Euro Cup in 2012. This team cannot be trifled with.
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Other teams to look out for

There are also other teams that shouldn’t be overlooked this World Cup 2014. Although they lost to the eventual champions, Spain in 2010, the Netherlands was actually ranked the best team in international football on FIFA’s World Rankings in 2011. And if their performance in the qualification stage were to be the basis of their future performance in the tournament then the Netherland’s bitter rivals, the Deutsche or Germany, would also be another team to look that could challenge Brazil or Spain if they ever meet.